Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Smell of Nausea

Ever since I was a kid, I've gotten nauseous from the smell of leather. I can sniff a leather coat and be fine, but as soon as I sit in a car with leather seats for more than thirty minutes, my stomach is in shambles. It makes me wonder why I have such a reaction to it. I mean, I like cows. They are my favorite animal...but it doesn't stop me from eating them. So the only thing I can think is that I'm having a reaction to something that the leather is treated with before it's made into a seat or whatever. Either way, it makes me sick, I don't like it.

The Vulgar Reviewer

I never really played too many old Nintendo games. But I really enjoy watching the Angry Video Game Nerd review them. He's sarcastic, vulgar, and amazingly hilarious. He doesn't review them to be mean, it's all in good fun. The guy is such a huge Nintendo buff, that honestly he's the only one who should be doing reviews on them. His basement is literally just walls of Nintendo stuff and grey cartridges. Anyways, if you need a laugh and want a few in a couple of minutes check out the Angry Video Game Nerd. He even has his own theme song.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy with Sims 3

I bought The Sims 3 Late Night and it's really fun. It's kind of like an improved version of the GameCube version of The Sims called "Urbs." Remember that one? It was kind of a superficial game because you had to go around to different neighborhoods and buy special clothes of each neighborhood in order for the people there to want to have anything to do with you. Then when you became like number one super popular you moved on to the next one...but I digress. Sims 3 Late Night is similar, except without all the superficiality. And you can become a vampire. A cool one though, not a stupid Twilight one.

Burning Tequila

Tequila is very, very bad...stuff. I drank it once with a mixer and regretted it severely later. Everything was fine until the middle of the night, or I suppose sometime in the early morning. I felt like I had to burp and yet I could not. I kept swallowing more and more saliva to try and quell the burning in my throat, but was unsuccessful. Unbeknownst to me, I was experiencing acid reflux. It is wicked uncomfortable...so know when I drink, I stick to vodka. But I never drink and drive because I don't want to accidently kill anyone OR myself!